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The fifth International Seminar on Animal Production or ISTAP 5 was begun on October 19th 2010 at the Animal Science Faculty of Gadjah Mada University. This international meeting involves participants from some countries and presents a theme “Community Empowerment and Tropical Animal Industry”. To start this international meeting, an opening ceremony was held on October 19th 2010 at the Auditorium of Animal Science Faculty.

The opening ceremony of ISTAP 5 was started at 08.30 am and it was attended by 101 participants. Some speeches were delivered to welcome the participants and the first one was delivered by the chief of the committee, Budi Guntoro, Ph.D. On his speech, he welcomed all participants including keynote speakers from Netherland, Japan, Danish, United States of America, England, Thailand, India, Iran, Nigeria, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The second speech was delivered by the dean of Animal Science Faculty, Prof. Dr. Tri Yuwanta and followed by the third speech from the vice rector of Gadjah Mada University, Toni Atyanto Dharoko, Ph.D. On their speech, they conveyed a crucial problem that Indonesia is facing today; the shortage of livestock in the rapid growth of population. Both of them expected that this international seminar will bring some solutions to help smallholders improve their welfare.

The fourth speech was delivered by the expert staff of Agricultural Ministry, Irwantoro, MBA. On his speech, he emphasized some essential efforts that government can perform to improve the production of livestock. Besides, he also explained some community clusters that totally need fund to improve the production of livestock.

The opening ceremony finished at 9 am and participants had coffee break at the yard of Animal Science Faculty of Gadjah Mada University. At 10 am, the Plenary Session I was started and there were five keynote speakers who deliver presentations on different topics.

The first presentation was started by Vinoj Ajuha, FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. The topic that Ajuha presented was ‘Asian Livestock: Opportunities, Challenges and the Response”. After that, the second presentation was delivered by Dale R. ZoBell from Utah State University, USA and he presented a topic about “Cattle Extension Programs and Research For Tropical Agriculture”. After that, the third presentation was delivered by Prof. E.R. Orskov from Macaulay, Institute, Aberdeen, UK. On his presentation he delivered a topic about “The Revolving Fund System In Sustainable Community Development”.

Fokje Steenstra from Wageningen University, The Netherland delivered the fourth presentation by presenting a topic on “Intensification of smallholder livestock production: Is it sustainable?”. The last but not least, Henning Otte Hansen and Mogens Lund from University Copenhagen, Denmark closed the plenary session I with their presentation on “The development of Danish agriculture and agribusiness: Lessons to be learned in a global perspective”.

On the plenary session I, all keynote speakers were enthusiastic in presenting their topic. The presentation finished at 11.55 am and the participants were given about ten minutes to ask some questions. There were two participants who asked some questions and keynote speakers directly gave responses to the questions.

The plenary session I finished at 12.10 and participants had lunch together. After that, presentation session was performed by the participants and they are placed in different rooms. At 4 pm, the presentation session finished and participants are invited to have welcome party and dinner. The complete program participants of ISTAP 5 ended the meeting of the first day by enjoying Ramayana ballet at the yard of Prambanan Temple.

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