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Competent and Adaptive Animal Science Engineers Are Required in the Future

In order to deal with changes in the industrial era 4.0, it requires competent and adaptive animal science engineers. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the changes were so rapid that livestock engineers were required to be able to make a breakthrough.

This was discussed in a webinar titled “Welcoming the Future Role of Animal Science Engineers” held Wednesday, June 17, 2020 by the Faculty of Animal Science (FAS) UGM.

“There are five global trends in this pandemic. First, social life leads to the online world. Second, the way we work changes, namely online. Third, the process of digitizing the industry runs more massively involving all industry chains,” said Heru Dewanto, Chairperson of the Indonesian Engineers Association. read more

Complete Fermentation Feed, Solution in the Dry Season

In the dry season, the supply of feed can be a challenge for farmers because of the limited supply of feed. One solution that can be taken is to make a complete fermented feed. This feed is based on forage forage and straw which is of high nutritional value.

“Complete fermented feed is very suitable to be applied during the dry season or when natural disasters occur because it is more practical. In addition, good nutritional content, affordable manufacturing costs, can be stored for a long time, and save farmers time,” said the Dean of the Faculty of Animal Science (FAS) UGM, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ali Agus, DAA., DEA., IPU., ASEAN. Eng said on Monday (5/18). read more

The Demand of Quality Human Resources in the Poultry Industry

The low quality of human resources is a challenge for livestock today. Even though Indonesia has a demographic age bonus, highly educated animal science (diploma and bachelor) employees is still very low, ie 1-2% or 50-60 thousand of the total human resources in animal husbandry. On the other hand, the role of industry 4.0 in the poultry sector is demanded to prepare superior human resources. Without quality human resources preparation, this industry will be weak, despite having great opportunities. Therefore, young people must be stimulated to be willing to enter the livestock industry, especially the poultry industry. read more

FAS UGM Graduated 19 Bachelors

The Faculty of Animal Science (FAS) UGM graduated 19 bachelors in the May 2020 graduation period. The best graduate predicate was achieved by Denis Cyntia Melida Puspita, S.Pt with a GPA of 3.85. Thus, up to now FAS UGM has graduated 5450 graduates of undergraduate programs.

“We appreciate all graduates who graduated today, also to parents so that their children finish their studies. To our parents, we return graduates who have been educated with animal science technology and soft skill aspects which are very important in everyday life,” said the Dean of FAS UGM, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ali Agus, DAA., DEA., IPU., ASEAN. Eng in the graduation ceremony held online on Thursday (5/14). read more

Faculty of Animal Science UGM Helps Students Affected By Covid-19

Faculty of Animal Science (FAS) UGM develops a mutual cooperation spirit in helping students affected by Covid-19. Covid-19 has had various impacts on students. Not a few students who experienced difficulty accessing logistics during the pandemic. In addition, online learning also increases the budget for credit purchases.

“We develop a spirit of mutual cooperation, inviting various parties to share roles to help students affected by Covid-19,” said the Dean of the FAS UGM, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ali Agus, DAA, DEA, ASEAN IPU., Eng., Monday (4/5). read more