Ari Surya Sukarno

Name            : Ari Surya Sukarno, S. Pt., M. Biotech., IPP.
Department : Animal Products Technology
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  1. 2014-2016: Universitas Gadjah Mada School of Gradutes Studies, M.Biotech in Biotechnology Admitted the degree with distinction
  2. 2009-2014: Universitas Gadjah Mada Faculty of Animal Science, S.Pt in Animal Science Admitted the degree with cumlaude
Research Interest

The research focus on milk science and processing with main research area on nutrition and health, structure of milk and dairy products as well as dairy processing.

Research interests:

  • Dairy technology and processing
  • Chemical and physical properties of milk components
  • Nutritional and bioactive milk components and human health effects
  • Milk component interactions
  • cheese, yoghurt, cream and powder technology and processing
Academic Activity

Provides lecturer for undergraduate study for the following:

  1. Milk science and technology course (3 sks)
  2. Egg science and technolgu course (2 sks)
Research Grant / Award / Recognition