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Agropreneurship Community (APC) is one of the Semi-Autonomous Boards (BSO) established by the Faculty of Animal Science Students in 2010. APC UGM is one of the platforms for self-development and self-actualization that embraces all animal science students who have or want to have an entrepreneurial spirit. In order to support entrepreneurs in the faculties and universities, APC FAS UGM is an organization of student initiatives to create an inclusive, meaningful, and dynamic community of entrepreneurs to support entrepreneurial growth. APC UGM provides an entrepreneurial program systematically by developing programs that make students develop into reliable entrepreneurs and experienced, both in terms of science and the field.  APC UGM believes that through entrepreneurship, employment can be created, brilliant ideas can be set up to solve problems, help improve the economy, and ultimately eliminate poverty. The programs provided include Business Hearing Study, APC Making Product, E-Bond, Student Entrepreneur Student Program, Unyil’s Laptop, E-Week, Entrepreneurial Organization Visit, and Upgrading. APC FAS UGM has held seminars and workshops at UGM. All seminars and workshops held to encourage entrepreneurial spirit such as “Experience Is a Benchmark for Young Entrepreneurs”, “Let’s Produce, Produce, and Marketing”, and “Dare to Work Successfully as Young”.