Campus Fasilities

Facilities (supporting elements) function to help Faculty Management in carrying out the teaching-learning process, especially in academic implementation. Facilities referred to here include library units, computer laboratory, technical implementation unit of dairy, livestock units (animal houses, livestock, machinery, and forage gardens). The number and type of facilities can be added according to the needs if deemed necessary by the Faculty Management.


The Library at the Faculty of Animal Science Universitas Gadjah Mada has main tasks to search, collect, process and present, and track the information in printed and digital formats, which are needed by the Faculty’s academic community to support the smoothness of the learning and teaching process. The library has several collections that are divided into On-line databases, journals and e-books subscribed by the University, Scientific work (thesis, dissertation). Field Work Practices (PKL), Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM), Engineering Practice, and Case Studies Reports. The facilities in the library include:

● Assistance in finding reference books/journals
● similarity check services
● reading rooms
● free wifi area and internet
● automation system
● locker boxes
● air-conditioned room.

Computer Laboratory

The computer room is a facility to support courses that require computer facilities and a service unit for students who will write their final assignment (PKL Report, thesis, and others), and internet facility services.


Laboratories are a means to support student practicum activities.

Integrated Technical Farm Processing Unit (UPT)

The Integrated UPT is a one-stop management unit that coordinates laboratory activities and other units such as abattoir, Plaza Agro Gadjah Mada, stables, closed houses, dairy cattle sheds, poultry sheds, meat, draught, and companion animals houses, metabolic cages, horse riding arenas, dairy processing units, garden plots, collection of green fodder, greenhouse, sewage treatment unit, compost house, and biogas. The Integrated UPT manages tools, machines, materials, land, stables, and livestock, including employees.

Livestock Units

The Livestock Unit consists of cages, livestock, machinery, and forage gardens which are supporting facilities for practicum and research for students and lecturers.


Each classroom in the Faculty of Animal Science is equipped with comfortable chairs and tables for lecture activities, air conditioners, audio systems, projectors, and personal computers.


Auditorium of drh. H. Soepardjo UGM Faculty of Animal Science located in the H2 building is equipped with chairs, audio and video systems, projectors, air conditioners, and hotspots area.

Internet Access

Access the internet using the UGM Single Sign On (SSO) login email. Every student who has a UGM e-mail account can access the internet in the faculty and university environment.

Animal Science Learning Center (ASLC)

Animal Science Learning Center (ASLC) is a five story building equipped with all high-tech laboratory equipment. ASLC is one of the 10 (ten) centers at UGM that are being developed and is expected to increase the competence and capacity of the Faculty of Animal Science in developing knowledge and tropical animal industry. This facility is used to increase productivity by developing the Tri Dharma for lecturers and students. Students are also supported with better learning infrastructure in the ASLC building.

Sports Facilities and Infrastructure

The Faculty provides sports facilities and infrastructure such as tennis courts, table tennis, badminton court, volleyball court, fitness center, equestrian arena, and basketball court.


The faculty is also equipped with a cafeteria, mosque, hotspot area, campus bicycles, and parking areas.