Alumni Service

Certificate and Transcript Legalization

Faculty of Animal Science serving legalization academic document (certificate and transcript) for alumni. The service can be served online or directly to faculty. Procedure for requesting legalization of academic documents (certificate and transcripts) for alumni, as follows

  1. Online with ugm email

Login via with ugm email (domain*)

Reservation can be made through link legalisasi online

  1. Direct to Faculty of Animal Science
  • Show original certificate/transcript or certificate/transcript have been legalized
  • Certificate/transcript are photocopied with original size (except special requirements from user)

Some important notes related to the online certificate and transcripts legalization’s reservation are:

  • Requesting certificate and transcript legalization must be made by the alumni themselves;
  • Request by phone will not be processed;
  • Payments are made by transfer to the appointed account;
  • The online certificate and transcript legalization will be processed based on the order recorded in our system;
  • If you want delivery to multiple destination addresses, you will be charged for each shipping address;
  • We are not responsible for the loss of documents in transit.


*The UGM domain e-mail is still valid, applies with minimum one (1) time in one (1) year login attempt condition. If during one (1) year, alumni do not do any login attempts, e-mail will be temporarily banned. To re-activate it, alumni shall contact Directorate of System and Information Resources (DSSDI) UGM.