Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) is the first national university established by Independent Indonesia in 1949. Universitas Gadjah Mada being ranked 1st for Indonesian university (4ICU and Webometrics), Top 20 Southeast Asian university (Times Higher Education)  and Top 400 in the world (QS World Universities Ranking). Universitas Gadjah Mada has 18 faculty with a 265 study program.


Humans can not be separated from the role of animals that provides various benefits for life. The Faculty of Animal Science must be able to innovate to improve the quality and quantity of its products. Food as a basic human need, one of which is met from animals originating from husbandry activities. Animals produce products in the form of milk, eggs, and meat which can be further processed into delicious processed products such as nuggets, sausages, meatballs, cheese, yogurt, kefir, and mayonnaise. The waste products of livestock can be used as organic fertilizer to increase plant fertility. Animals also provide us with clothing, recreation, and companionship. The Faculty of Animal Science does not only focus on theory in the classroom but with direct practice in the laboratory and field.

Undergraduate Study Program in Animal Science and Industry offers a broad range of animal learning opportunities, including understanding the biological functions of livestock, their utilization by people focuses on modern and humane ways, and make the best use of the animals as best as possible by paying attention to animal welfare. The courses including nutrition and animal feed, reproductive and breeding science, dairy farming, processing of livestock products, and others can be studied here.

The Animal Science and Industry Study Program has 5 departments:

  1. Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
  2. Department of Animal Production
  3. Department of Livestock Socio-Economic
  4. Department of Animal Products Technology
  5. Department of Animal Breeding and Reproduction

The Faculty of Animal Science prepares prospective experts who are competent in their fields to answer the needs and challenges of the husbandry industry. Many graduates of the Faculty of Animal Science work as experts in a government institution and private companies, bank employees, and husbandry owners. Also, many graduates continue to post-graduate school (magister and doctoral) as well as professional engineering.


Our student’s exchange program offers national and international students to a dynamic activity of learning including learning at classes, service programs at community, fieldwork research, and several social and cultural activities.

Since 2009, FAS UGM has assigned students to participate in the student’s exchange program held by international Universities in the Republic of Korea, Japan, and Thailand. During these recent years, as MoU have been assigned between FAS UGM and partners universities, both Universities actively strengthening the collaboration through exchanging students. Starting from 2012, students from Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and the Republic of Korea joined the programs. And as the feedback, we also send our best students to study in those countries.


Period Time Length of Program Deadline
Period 1 Semester 1 (odd) 3 – 6 months July
Period 2 Semester 2 (even) 3 – 6 months February

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for representative students from partner Universities (in which MoU has been settled) will be borne to host faculties (FAS UGM). This will include academic classes, cultural programs, field researches, and community services. Round trip flight, regular meals and dormitory rent will be responsible for exchange students. The average living cost for 3 – 6 months in Yogyakarta varied from :

IDR 6,000,000-12,000,000

Tuition Fees for students from non-partner universities include academic classes, cultural programs, field researches, and community services The tuition fee is: IDR 15,000,000 per semester.

Round trip flight, regular meals and dormitory rent will be responsible for the exchange students


Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be enrolled as a student and have good academic status at Faculty of Animal Science or at FAS/UGM partner universities
  • Have completed at least one academic year of university coursework
  • Additional prerequisites may be set by your home and/or host university


  1. Students from FAS UGM and FAS/UGM partner universities are invited to apply for FAS SEP. Check the Directory to ensure your university is our partner universities.
  2. Contact with the SEP Coordinator in our partner universities. Make an appointment with your academic supervisor to see what courses to take abroad. Once you are placed, you will receive more specific course information and schedules. It is your responsibility to know about your home institution’s policies regarding transfer credit gained abroad;
  3. Complete the online application and submit electronically to your SEP coordinators for approval.
  4. Apply for/renew your passport as soon as possible.
  5. Upload original of the following:

Official Transcripts/Academic Records

Personal Statement                       : One essay of 300-500 words

One (1) Academic Reference      : Completed by one university-level professor or academic advisor.

Identification Page of your Passport

International Students: Consult your home SEP Coordinator for internal deadlines. FAS SEP’s priority consideration deadlines are February 15 for programs beginning in March-July and July 15 for programs beginning in August-December. SEP accepts applications after these dates for sites that remain open. Submit your application, transcripts/academic records and application/placement fee directly to your on-campus SEP Coordinator. Do not mail your application to FAS SEP. Students are usually notified on the status of their application 6-8 weeks after it is received at the FAS SEP Central office.

Programs :

  • Students orientations
  • Visiting Faculty of Animal Science environments, laboratories, farms, and gardens,
  • Meeting with the students and teaching staffs
  • Visiting campus and public places
  • Selecting courses and joint research
  • Language training
  • City tour
  • Attending classes
  • Joining multi cultural classes i.e. Indonesia traditional dance, music, or play.
  • Community service to village
  • Conducting research
  • Report and examinations
  • Farewell party and cultural night


Here at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Faculty of Animal Science, we proudly provide a unique and truly international summer experience. Our educational programs encourage intellectual exploration of the highest academic quality. This program provides you with the fantastic opportunity to increase your intercultural competence and expand your network of international friends and connections. This Summer Course Program is the Program that offers you as international students who are interested in animal science and agriculture, and working with the farmers.

We provide a truly international experience in fantastic program, with English language and activity programs that ensure the students return home after a summer they will never forget. As with friendly Indonesian students during the academic year, international students attending summer program will enjoy a huge variety of experiences inside and outside the classroom, all shared with other students. Summer program in the Faculty of Animal Science UGM is held 11 to 14 days, starts during September annually. Application start date is June to July.



  1. Students/Staffs from FAS UGM and FAS/UGM partner/non partner universities are invited to apply for FAS SCP.
  2. Complete the application form and submit electronically to or by email to
  3. Deadline for application submission is on June – July.
  4. Apply for/renew your passport as soon as possible.
  5. Letter of Acceptance/Invitation will be issued 1 – 2 weeks after the submission.


Scholarships are available for 10 students granted to maximum two participants from each partner universities in ASEAN region (non partner universities in ASEAN region will be considered).


  • round trip airfare tickets
  • accommodation and transportation during the program
  • academic and cultural program (including field trips)
  • allowance/stipend

Non Scholarship

Non Scholarship participants will be responsible for registration fee, accommodation, and travel cost. Registration fee for international participants: 350 USD, for Indonesian participants : IDR 2,000,000.

Courses and Activities

  • Indonesian language and culture
  • Exploring Yogyakarta (Javanese culture)
  • Outdoor learning “Working with Community” (Livestock and Agricultural activities)
  • Class room Lectures
  • Group Presentations


Experience a real farm in the host Country. Recently, our students are excited in attending internship program in the foreign countries. The programs last for one month but it is worth so much. They have proven to be more independent and learn to deal with professional job. As feedback, now FAS UGM accept international students who want to make a challenge in Indonesian farms and Companies. We have hundred of partners for you to review.

Eligibility Requirements

For FAS students :

Meet all academic requirements as set by FAS UGM i.e.:

  1. Students should have taken minimum 120 credits
  2. Students should not have grade E
  3. Students should have minimum GPA 2.00

Additional prerequisites may be set by your host university/company

For International Students :

Meet all academic requirements to take internship program in FAS UGM as set by your home university

  1. Have completed at least one year of university course work
  2. Minimum GPA 2.00 (of 4 scale)


For FAS students :

Complete the application form and submit it to the Academic Section of FAS UGM with a copy to OIA FAS UGM (please refer to academic guidance)

For International Students :

Consult your home IP Coordinator for procedures and internal deadlines. FAS priority consideration deadlines are June for programs beginning in July – August. SEP accepts applications after these dates for sites that remain open. Submit your application by online submission or mail your application to FAS IP. Students are usually notified on the status of their application 6 – 8 weeks after it received at the FAS IP Central office.

Contact Us:

Office of International Affairs (Kantor Urusan Internasional)

Faculty of Animal Science Universitas Gadjah Mada

Jl. Fauna 3 Kampus UGM Bulaksumur Yogyakarta, 55281

Telp +62-274-513363