Student Housing

Gadjah Mada University (UGM) providing facilities for shelter in the form of dormitories for first-year students enrolled in UGM, especially those from outside the city of Yogyakarta, as well as lecturers from other universities who were guests faculty , training, exchange of science, art and culture , study programs, institutions, and study centers in collaboration with UGM . UGM has 6 student dormitories located in different locations, namely:

  • Darmaputera Baciro (Male Dormitory)

This dormitory is a historic building located in the center of Yogyakarta city (3,8 km from the UGM campus). It stands on an area of almost 1 ha, consisting of 3 building units. The North building (Borobudur Etase) is a 3-story building, the South building is a 3-story building (Prambanan, Mendut, and Boko). Between the two buildings, there are indoor sports facilities that also function as a hall / multipurpose building.

Address: Andung No.1 Street, Baciro Yogyakarta 55225

Telp: 0274-549021

  • Darmaputera Karanggayam (Male Dormitory)

Darmaputera Karanggayam or commonly called Cemara Lima Residence is a men dormitory managed by UGM Residence. This dormitory is in the middle of a community environment that is quite conducive for socialization and teaching and learning activities, about 2,8 km from the UGM campus. Darmaputera Karanggayam consists of four warehouse blocks, namely the Pinus, Cemara, Akasia, and Cendana buildings.

Address: Weling No.108 Street, Karanggayam Caturtunggal Depok, Sleman Yogyakarta 55281

Telp: 0274-6411662

  • Darmaputera Santren (Male Dormitory)

Darmaputra Santren is UGM Residence’s newest men dormitory, which began operations in October 2016. The location is on Gambir Street, Karangasem Baru, Santren, RT 07, RW 02 Caturtunggal Depok Sleman, 1,7 km from UGM campus. Darmaputera Santren has a capacity of 184 rooms with a capacity of 368 beds and each room can be used for 2 people (2 beds). Darmaputera Santren is also equipped with several facilities including Lobby, Mosque, Canteen, Study room, Meeting room, Pantry & 24-hour Security.

Address:  Gambir Street, Karang Asem Baru, Santren, RT 07 RW 02, Catur tunggal, Depok, Sleman

Telp: 0274-5011191

  • Ratnaningsih Bulaksumur (Female Dormitory)

Bulaksumur Residence is a women dormitory located on the east side of the UGM complex, close to the Faculty of Animal Science and UGM Valley Stadium (Pancasila Field Stadium). Bulaksumur Residence has 2 buildings (Merapi building and Parangtritis building) consisting of 168 rooms and each room can be used for 2 people. Bulaksumur Residence is also equipped with several facilities including Lobby, Mosque, canteen, hotspot area, sports facilities, meeting rooms, study rooms, pantry, SPAM (Drinking Water Supply system), and 24-hour security.

Address: Fauna No.4 Street, UGM Campus Bulaksumur Yogyakarta 55281
Telp: 0274-583267

  • Ratnaningsih Sagan (Female Dormitory)

Ratnaningsih Sagan is a historic building which was inaugurated by Ir. Soekarno in 1954. Located on Kartini No.2 Street, Sagan, Yogyakarta, approximately 500 m from the gate of UGM, good and easy accessibility to various places. Ratnaningsih sagan is a residential facility that is provided specifically for female students who prioritizes the intimacy between the residents and the academic atmosphere that helps multi-cultural students to develop themselves and foster social skills.

Address: Kartini No.2 Street, Sagan Yogyakarta 55225
Telp: 0274-586584

  • Ratnaningsih Kinanti 1,2,3 (Female Dormitory)

Ratnaningsih Kinanti 1 is the newest dormitory for representatives to start operating in mid-2019. This 7-story residence with a capacity of 580 beds faces Ratnaningsih 2 and 3. It is 850 m away from UGM Campus. Ratnaningsih Kinanti 2 and 3 have a capacity of 184 rooms and each room consists of 2 beds. Ratnaningsih. Kinanti is also equipped with several failures, including Lobby, Mosque, Canteen, Hot Spot Area, Sports Facilities, Study rooms, Meeting rooms, Pantry, 24-hour security, and a beautiful park. Kinanti Residence is a special facility for girls, which began operations in September 2015. The dormitory is located on Jl. Kinanti, Barek, Yogyakarta, about 500 meters from the UGM campus.

Address: Kinanti Street, Sleman Yogyakarta 55225
Telp: 62-0274-561337


For further information, please contact:

UGM Residence
Jl. Fauna No.4, Kampus UGM Bulaksumur Yogyakarta 55281
Telp.: 0274-583267 or 0274-583193