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The Caravan Mountaineering Club, or better known as CMC, is a student organization of nature lovers on the Faculty of Animal Husbandry UGM. This organization was established on 2 November 1985, was declared at the summit of Mount Lawu, formerly this organization was named MAPETAPALA (Student of Nature Lovers Faculty of Animal Science), but on its journey because it was deemed unfit for the development of the world of nature lovers on February 14, 1988 the name MAPETAPALA was changed to CARAVAN MOUNTAINEERING CLUB or CMC which is known to this day.

Manifestation of Caravan

Caravan activities have specific objectives, namely to support people’s lives and preservation of nature in accordance with the knowledge they are studying. This organization is required to produce students who not only master the theory in college and are skilled in the laboratory, but more than that is an understanding of natural phenomena and the application of animal husbandry in the wild. Because in its activities Caravan leads to the application of world science of animal husbandry and biology in nature. So it is hoped that in its activities, Caravan can form a professional animal science expert and conservation cadre.

Specializes in Caravan

In order to realize the things mentioned above, expertise skills have been formed to support Caravan’s scientific activities in the wild. This expertise includes Caving, Climbing, Rafting, Mountaineering, and Conservation. Basic Formation of Caravan members in accordance with AD / ART entitled to be Caravan members are FAS UGM students who voluntarily and are aware of the love of nature with the procedure enroll as a member of Caravan. The main requirements for admission to Caravan membership are students of the Faculty of Animal Science who are physically and mentally healthy, who have been selected through a determined education and training (DIKLATSAR). The rights and obligations of Caravan members are the right to participate in every activity in accordance with the provisions, the right to use existing facilities in accordance with applicable regulations and the obligation to uphold Caravan’s good name and image. As a final result, it is expected that each Caravan member can improve the quality of membership and increase the ability to carry out scientific activities and love. It is also expected that each Caravan member can establish cooperative relations and foster communication with other institutions such as Nature Lovers, LSM, other Student Institutions, and Government Institution.