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PMK or the Christian Student Association is an organization in the Faculty of Animal Science which is part of the Semi-Autonomous Board (BSO). PMK is a forum for Christian students at the Faculty of Animal Science UGM to grow and develop together in God. PMK FAS UGM has many activities that aim to develop the faith and soft skills of PMK members. The celebration of the big day together with PMK included Easter and Christmas. Every new school academic year, PMK holds a retreat to welcome and establish closer relations with new students. PMK also has routine activities such as fellowship prayer, general fellowship, fellowship to welcome new students, the Joint Growing Group (KTB) rally, and Padang worships.

The vision of PMK FAPET UGM :

  • students can get to know Christ, grow to become disciples of God who are faithful, obedient, mature, resilient, and exemplary, thus becoming a real blessing for family, church, and society.
  • Indonesia in the future, especially in the field of animal husbandry is renewed by the presence of students and alumni of PMK FAS UGM who have noble moral values ​​and because of their love for God and others.
  • the presence of ambassadors of Christ resulted from the guidance and discipleship services of the PMK FAS UGM to preach the message of salvation to all corners of the world.

The mission of PMK FAPET UGM :

  • evangelism, coaching and discipleship, multiplication, and sending. P MK FAPET hopes to become a blessing for families, churches, faculties, universities, communities, and nations.