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The Student Representative Council of the Faculty of Animal Science is a complete body of Faculty of Animal Science Family which has a legislative function including the making of regulation, supervision, and budgeting. Members of the DPM are students who are elected through the General Election assisted by 1 representative each from the BEM FAS, Semi-Autonomous Board FAS, and 3 active forces. If needed, DPM can add members of the board through expert staff mechanisms. DPM members representatives from BEM, the Semi-Autonomous Board, and 3 active forces of FAS UGM are submitted each by the active institution/force no later than 1 day before the Students Family Conference of Faculty of Animal Science held.

DPM Fapet UGM’s duties and authority:

  • Make proposed draft changes to the AD / ART Student Family FAS UGM.
  • Overseeing BEM and the Semi-Autonomous Board in implementing the AD / ART Student Family FAS UGM.
  • Issued a warning letter if BEM and the Semi-Autonomous Board at the Faculty of Animal Science UGM violated the AD / ART of the Student Family FAS UGM.
  • Requesting the accountability report of the chairman of the BEM and the Semi-Autonomous Board of the FAS UGM for a certain period.
  • Responsible for the report on the implementation of the UGM Faculty of Animal Science DPM assignments in the Student Family FAS UGM.
  • Make and stipulate the Law of Student Family FAS UGM and all decisions and provisions that are considered necessary.
  • Establish procedures for the appointment of elected members of the DPM FAS UGM and chairman of the BEM FAS UGM.
  • Receive proposals for the establishment and dissolution of the Semi-Autonomous Board.
  • Carry out the functions of the budget body in the Student Family FAS UGM.

Obligations and rights of DPM Fapet UGM:

  • It is obligatory to uphold AD / ART and all regulations of the KM Fapet UGM.
  • Entitled to make the provisions and regulations needed to carry out functions in accordance with the principles and objectives of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry UGM

Management Structure of DPM FAS 2022:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary-General
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Commission I (Law)
  • Commission II (Budget)
  • Commission III (Media&nfo)
  • Commission IV (Supervision)