Press Release

1,568 People Register for Faculty of Animal Science (FAS) UGM Free Lectures

RADAR JOGJA – Faculty of Animal Science (FAS) UGM continues to update information about animal science for farmers, breeders, and prospective breeders by holding free lectures for them.

Dean of Faculty of Animal Science UGM, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ali Agus, DAA, DEA, IPU explained that this free lecture was the dissemination of good farming practices to the community. “The public interest in getting information about animal science technology is quite high, so we hold this 4th class free lectures,” he said via telephone. read more

Protein Consumption is the Key to Child Growth and Development

RADAR JOGJA – Child growth is not only determined by genetic factors. Adequate intake of animal and vegetable protein is the key to success and this is closely related to parenting.

The issue was discussed at the Seminar on Promotion of Animal and Vegetable Protein Consumption for Healthy, Growing, and Smart Children, in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Animal Science UGM, Saturday (7/9).

This event is a series of Lustrum X Faculty of Animal Science, a collaboration of the Faculty of Animal Science UGM with the Indonesian Children Care Community (IC3). read more

Faculty of Animal Science UGM Hosts a Cattle Breeding Training Provider Again

YOGYAKARTA, – Faculty of Animal Science (FAS) of Gadjah Mada University is back in organizing beef cattle breeding training titled Commercial Cattle Breeding and Management Training Program Batch IV, which is a collaboration with the Indonesia-Australia Red Meat and Cattle Partnership on 2-25 September 2019.

Dean of the Faculty of Animal Sciences UGM, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ali Agus, DAA., DEA., IPU, at the opening of this training at the Grand Aston Hotel – Yogyakarta stated, FAS UGM was trusted to be the organizer of breeding training for the second time. read more

Faculty of Animal Science (FAS) UGM Introduces High-Tech Animal Science

SLEMAN, – Open house of the Faculty of Animal Science (FAS) Universitas Gadjah Mada introduces the modern livestock industry as a high-tech biological industry. The event which was held for 3 days on 26-28 August 2019 was a series of activities of the Lustrum X UGM Faculty of Animal Science, which was attended by high school students, vocational students, and new students of the Faculty of Animal Science 2019.

Participants were given a video profile of the Faculty of Animal Science UGM guided by Ir. Ahmad Romadhoni Suryaputra, S.Pt, M.Sc, Ph.D., IPM (Secretary of the Faculty of Animal Science Study Program) and Animal Husbandry and National Sovereignty material by Muhsin Al Anas, S.Pt (Lustrum X Committee). Also, there was a guest speaker at the Faculty of Animal Science UGM lecturers Dr. Ir. Endy Triannanto, S.Pt., M.Eng., IPM and Dr. Ir. Siti Andarwati, S.Pt., MP., IPM. After that, the participants were invited to visit the laboratory room and research animal housing. read more

FAS UGM Develops Chicory for Cattle Feed

To support ruminant livestock (cattle, buffaloes, goats and sheep), forage crops are a must. Indonesia has the potential of land especially outside Java for pasture. Grassland management with superior and productive grass species will sustain the success of ruminant livestock businesses.

Chicory is a type of forbs, which are herbaceous (non-wood) wide-leaf and not grass-like plants that do not belong to the grass or legume category. Many of these plants are found in grazing fields, can live 2 years or more. Some dominate the grazing fields. This plant is important for increasing the productivity of grazing fields. In their home country, New Zealand, Chicory plants are a mainstay for dairy cows and sheep in the pasture. read more