Global Food Partners, the Faculty of Animal Science UGM, and Aeres University of Applied Sciences Build Cage-free Innovation and Welfare Hub in Indonesia

First of its kind in Indonesia and Southeast Asia , Hub consists of an international training centre & model farm for cage-free egg production and management

A Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on 7 June in Kalijeruk, Yogyakarta, Indonesia to celebrate the commencement of the building of the Hub. As the 7th largest egg producer in the world, Indonesian farmers are seeking support in cage-free production, in order to stay competitive and meet the increasing demand for cage-free eggs in Indonesia and across Asia. GFP’s recent producer needs assessment survey found that egg farmers in Indonesia need support from experts on how to transition from conventional cage systems to cage-free production, with higher levels of welfare. The Hub will allow egg farmers to achieve this long-term success, sustainability, and profitability in cage-free egg production. read more