Campus Fasilities

Facilities (supporting elements) function to help Faculty Management in carrying out the teaching-learning process, especially in academic implementation. Facilities referred to here include library units, computer laboratory, technical implementation unit of dairy, livestock units (animal houses, livestock, machinery, and forage gardens). The number and type of facilities can be added according to the needs if deemed necessary by the Faculty Management.

  • Library

The Faculty of Animal Science UGM Library has the main task of finding, collecting, processing, presenting and tracking the information needed by the academic community of the Faculty of Animal Science in printed and digital formats to support the smooth learning process.

  • Computer Laboratory

Computer Laboratory is a means to support practicum activities, service units for students who will write the final assignment (field practice reports, thesis, and others), and internet service facilities.

  • Laboratories

Laboratories are a means to support student practicum activities.

  • Technical Implementation Unit of Dairy

Dairy Technical Implementation Unit is a practical and research facility for students and lecturers related to dairy animal and dairy business.

  • Livestock Units

The Livestock Unit consists of cages, livestock, machinery, and forage gardens which are supporting facilities for practicum and research for students and lecturers.

  • Classroom

Each classroom in the Faculty of Animal Science is equipped with comfortable chairs and tables for lecture activities, air conditioners, audio systems, projectors, and personal computers.

  • Auditorium

Auditorium of drh. H. Soepardjo UGM Faculty of Animal Science located in the H2 building is equipped with chairs, audio and video systems, projectors, air conditioners, and hotspots area.

  • Internet Access

Access the internet using the UGM Single Sign On (SSO) login email. Every student who has a UGM e-mail account can access the internet in the faculty and university environment.

  • Others

The faculty is also equipped with a cafeteria, mini market (Agro Mart), mosque, hotspot area, sports center, campus bicycles, and parking areas.