Halal Certification Assistance for Slaughterhouses

Collaborating with Bank Indonesia, Faculty of Animal Science UGM organized training and mentoring for halal certification for Slaughterhouses in Yogyakarta and its surroundings (5/5). This training is routinely held every year. This training was attended by slaughterhouse owners and slaughter workers from Yogyakarta and its surroundings. The main objective of this training is to provide assistance for slaughterhouses and slaughter workers to be able to obtain halal certification and become halal slaughter workers. It is expected is that slaughterhouses and slaughterhouses can comply with Islamic law and be certified. (Secretariat/Prisil) read more

Halalbihalal in Faculty of Animal Science UGM Became an Event to Strengthen Relations of Civitas Academica

The Faculty of Animal Science UGM held a warm-hearted halalbihalal activity which became a meeting across generations. This event was held on Wednesday, 3 May 2023 at ASLC Building. This activity is an annual agenda by inviting all lecturers and staff, both those who have retired and those who are still active. It is expected this event will become a forum for continuing and to intertwine the ties of inter-generational friendship between the Civitas Academica. (Secretariat/Prisil)

Academic Guidebook Curriculum 2021

Academic Guidance book can downloaded or view here.

Focus on the Internship Program for Students, Faculty of Animal Science UGM and Crest.Co.Ltd. Official Collaboration

Faculty of Animal Science UGM officially cooperates with Crest.Co.Ltd, Japan in the field of implementing internship activities with the signing of a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) on Wednesday, March 29 2023 at the Faculty of Animal Husbandry UGM. The signing of the PKS document was conducted by Prof. Budi Guntoro, as the Dean of the Faculty of Animal Science UGM and Kuriki Eizou as the Representative Director of Crest.Co.Ltd. With the official signing of this collaboration, both parties agreed to facilitate a collaborScience UGM H. The aim of this collaboration is to develop competency and improve the quality of Human Resources (HR), especially in the livestock sector to produce young generations in the livestock sector who are capable of becoming professionals in agriculture, young entrepreneurs and/or contributing to the livestock industry so they can compete globally. read more