Academic Rule

1. Registration of Students

There are two systems of student registrations: registration of new student and re-registration of the old student. The university determines procedures and requirements for registrations of new and old students. Students who have registered have the rights to follow all academic activities complying with their study plans.

Students who do not re-register without applying for study leave get a notification (three consecutive times in the semester). If they do not respond to the notification, they mean to resign as students of the Faculty of Animal Science UGM.

2. Study Leave and Academic Leave

Each of students who are absent to follow academic activities must apply for study leave permission.

a. Study Leave

  • Students may apply for Study leave if they have exceeded two first years of study time.
  • Dean of Faculty of Animal Science UGM may give students study leave permission up to four semesters; if more than four semesters, students must submit study leave permission to UGM Rector.
  • Academic advisor should approve study leave permission.
  • Students who will be active again after study leave must submit the application to the Dean of Faculty of Animal Science UGM.

b. Academic Leave

  • Academic leave is only allowed if the student already has written permission from the dean or chancellor.
  • Academic leave of more than 2 years, either in a row or not, must submit a letter of application for academic leave to the chancellor with a copy of the dean.
  • The academic leave period is not counted as an active period about the study deadline.
  • During academic leave, students do not need to pay tuition fees.
  • Students are not permitted to take academic leave before evaluating the first four semesters. If there are certain reasons (for example pregnancy/childbirth, illness and must be treated in a hospital) and the approval of the chancellor can be given academic leave permission, but his leave period will still be counted as an active study period and used as a basis for calculation in evaluation.

c. Re-registration after Academic Leave

Students who want to be active in college again after undergoing academic leave must carry out the following stages:

  • Submitting an application letter for active college to the dean (for those who previously received leave permission from the dean) or to the rector (for those who previously received permission from the rector's leave). This application letter must be submitted no later than 1 month before the semester activity is concerned.
  • Registering by showing an active college permit and Student Card at the UGM Registration Office and making SPP / BOP payments.

3. The Study Plan Form

Upon entering the new semester, each student must determine his study program for the semester that will run. The course to be taken must be registered in the Academic and Student Affairs Section of the Faculty by filling out the Study Plan List into the Academic Information System in each faculty/department. The Study Plan must also obtain approval from the appointed Academic Advisor. The GP burden to be taken must be based on the acquisition of IP in the previous semester with the following rules:

GP Semester

Study Load

0.00 – 1,49

12 credits

1,50 – 1,99

15 credits

2,00 – 2,49

18 credits

2,50 – 2,99

21 credits

3,00 – 4,00

14 credits

If in the previous semester students take academic leave, the amount of credits that can be taken is a minimum load (12 credits). For new students, the amount of study load per semester is determined by the curriculum and policy structure of each faculty.

4. Lectures
Students whose presence in the classroom less than 75% of the specified schedule is not allowed to take the test subjects are concerned.

5. Evaluation of Study Results

There are five evaluations of study results, namely, Evaluation of End Semester, Evaluation of Study Results for two first years, Evaluation of Eight Semesters, Evaluation of Study Time Limit, and Evaluation of End Program, based on GPA , total credits, and study time of students.

  1. Faculty of Animal Science UGM uses Grade Point (GP) to evaluate study results of students.
  2. GP = [(total credits of courses x weight scores)]/credits of taken educational activities.
  3. Alphabetic scores are converted into numeric scores to calculate GP:

A = 4; B = 3;

C = 2; D = 1; E = 0.

Each course has only one score of combined formal evaluation and sustainable evaluation having been consistent with material weight.

a. Evaluation of End-Semester Examination

We use evaluation of study results in the end-semester examination as basis to determine total maximal Credits taken in next semester with the following requirements:

b. Requirements of Credits Loads

GP < 1.50                  = max. 12 Credits

GP = 1.50 – 1.99      = max. 15 Credits

GP = 2.00 – 2.49      = max. 18 Credits

GP = 2.50 – 2.99      = max. 21 Credits

GP > 3.00                  = max. 24 Credits

  • For courses with prerequisite, you may take courses after you have completed required courses.
  • Students may take courses out of study program with approval from Academic Advisor.

c. Evaluation of First Two-Year Study Results

At the end of two first years, since students register for the first time, evaluation of study results is conducted to determine whether students may continue their study or not in the Faculty of Animal Science UGM. We allow students to continue their study if they meet the following requirements:

  • Students collect minimum of 30 Credits.
  • Students’ GPA is minimally 2.00.
  • Students have no score E of 30 evaluated Credits.
  • If, in the two years, students can collect more than 30 Credits, evaluation from 30 credits with best score is used.

d. Evaluation of Eight Semesters

Faculty of Animal Science evaluate eight semesters for students who have not graduated by the end of eight semesters. Evaluation of eight semester is based on achievement of minimally 80 Credits and GPA is minimally 2.00.

e. Evaluation of Study Time Limit

Faculty of Animal Science evaluate study time limit for students who have not graduated by the end of fourteenth semester. Students are given chance to renew study time for one semester or in shorter time, by submitting application to Dean approved by undergraduate thesis advisor and head of department.

f. Evaluation of End Program

Faculty of Animal Science use evaluation of study results as basis to determine whether students have met the following requirements to graduate from bachelor program of Animal Science.

  • Students have completed all required courses.
  • Students have collected minimally 144 Credits, maximally 148 Credits, including undergraduate thesis (consisting of 122 Credits of obligatory courses and 22-26 Credits of optional courses).
  • Total Credits with score D do not exceed 25% of total amount of Credits.
  • Students have no score D.
  • Students have GPA of minimally 2.00.
  • Maximal active study time is 7 years (14 semesters), except students with study renewal, as included in requirements of Study Time Limit Evaluation.
  • In graduation meeting, we determine whether students have completed bachelor education and met all requirements.
  • Excessive Credits of maximal limit of total Credits will be automatically removed from optional courses/practices taken in end semester (except repeating).

6. Graduation Predicate

Students stated to graduate receive graduation predicate with the following requirements:

  1. Cum laude:
  • GPA = 3.51-4.00
  • Maximal study time = five years
  1. Very satisfying:
  • GPA = 2.76 – 3.50
  1. Satisfying:
  • GPA = 2.00 – 2.75.