Practical Fieldwork

To provide students with skills, the Faculty of Animal Science UGM requires each student to do street vendors with a weight of 2 credits. Street vendors can be carried out in institutions (companies or agencies) engaged in animal husbandry. Students who will take this course are required to have taken basic courses and some elective courses that can be a provision in carrying out street vendors on site. PKL can be carried out during the inter-semester or active semester. Students who carry out street vendors during the active semester are allowed a maximum of 3 times not to attend lectures. PKL is carried out under the guidance of a Advisor from the Faculty and a Field Supervisor from the institution/company where the PKL is located. The task of the Advisor is to carry out guidance in determining the location, implementation, and reporting of street vendors. The task of the field supervisor is to carry out guidance in the implementation of activities at the location. Places/locations of street vendors that are often used can be seen at

The requirements to apply for street vendors include the following:

  1. Registered as a student in the current academic year.
  2. Have completed semester 4 with a GPA of at least 2.00, the value of D must not exceed 10% and without an E score (of 80 credits).
  3. Registering street vendors (KRS PKL) during the registration period (before the implementation of street vendors)
  4. Fill out the street vendors registration form before carrying out street vendors

The series of PKL activities include registration, title determination, location determination, appointment of supervisors, preparation of proposals, debriefing, implementation, presentation exams and mentoring of street vendors reports.

The preparation of the proposal is guided by a PKL Advisory Lecturer who is appointed by the Head of the Laboratory. Students who have finished carrying out street vendors are required to collect hard copies of presentation exam materials in the form of Power Point (PPT) with systematic: background, objectives, benefits of street vendors, general description of the company, street vendors activities, discussion, closing, and signed by as many as street vendors supervisors 4 copies, as well as submitting the PKL activity and assessment form which has been signed by the agency and ratified with the agency's stamp to the Academic and Student Affairs Section no later than 10 calendar days after the PKL activities are completed.

The PKL report is made as a complement to the administration of scientific accountability of students after conducting street vendors who are guided and fully assessed by the PKL Advisor Lecturers. The PKL report must be submitted to the Head of the Study Program for approval no later than three calendar weeks after the examination, and submitted to the Academic and Student Affairs Section no later than one week afterward. If within a predetermined period of time the student is unable to fulfill these conditions, a penalty will be given in the form of a two-level reduction in grades (for example, the grade A becomes A/B) and if within three months the student has not submitted a report, he/she will receive a grade of C or repeat the implementation of street vendors in other places.

The complete procedure for street vendors can be read in the revised 2019 edition of the PKL guidebook.