Academic Supervision and Student Study Plans

Academic Counselling and Study Plan of Student

Before carrying out study activities, students must submit a study plan at the beginning of each semester. The study plan is submitted by filling out a study plan online form through Simaster UGM at a predetermined period of time, after students meet all requirements. Completion of the study plan cannot be represented unless for very basic reasons. In submitting a study plan, students must consult with the Academic Advisor to obtain formal approval online. Delays in filling in Study Plan at the specified time may result in losing their academic rights in that semester period

Duties of Academic Advisor (DPA):

  1. Provide qualified academic supervision;
  2. Encourage students under his supervision to become quality learners and success;
  3. Guide the students to make plans and be smart in carrying the learning process at Universitas Gadjah Mada, in order to graduate obtaining the program competencies;
  4. Help the students to internalize the noble values of Universitas Gadjah Mada;
  5. Assist students in developing intellectual character commendably;
  6. Motivate students to become graduates who always adapt to science and technology development.

Provisions for submitting a study plan/filling in a Study Plan Card (KRS):

  1. Students fill out a study plan online at Simaster UGM

  2. Students meet the academic advisor to consult about the study plan and then the academic advisor give approval online

  3. If until the deadline, the KRS is not approved by the academic advisor, the student’s name will not be printed on the course attendance list and will be automatically cancelled.

  4. Students are given the opportunity to make changes and cancellations of KRS, no later than 2 (two) weeks after the class starts,

  5. Changes and cancellations of study plans (KRS) must be under approval from the Academic Advisor (DPA).