Credit Semester

Semester Credit Score

a. Semester credit score for lectures

For students one credit consists of three kinds of integrated activities:

  • 50 minutes scheduled face-to-face meetings with teaching staff
  • 60 minutes of structured activities: activities that are not scheduled but planned by the teaching staff
  • 60 minutes of independent academic activities: activities that must be carried out by students independently

For lecturers; for lecturers, one credit consists of three types of integrated activities, namely:

  • 50 minutes scheduled face-to-face meetings with students
  • 60 minutes planning and evaluation of structured academic activities, and
  •  60 minutes of course material development activities

b. Semester Credit Score for Seminar

Students are required to present papers in seminar classes. One credit is equivalent to:

  • 100 minutes of learning process activities
  • 70 minutes of independent activity.

c. Semester Credit Scores for practice, studio practice, workshop practice, field work practice, thesis, research, design, or development, military training, student exchange, apprenticeship, entrepreneurship, and/or community service. One credit is equal to the completion of 170 (one hundred and seventy) minutes per week or total activities 40 hours per semester

d. Credit scores for 9 (nine) activities in the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka activity (MBKM) is calculated based on:

  •  learning for more than 16 (sixteen) weeks or 560 (five hundred and sixty) hours or cumulative up to 24 weeks or 840 (eight hundred and forty) cumulative hours given recognition equal to 20 (twenty) credits;
  • learning for more than 24 (twenty four) weeks or 840 (eight hundred and forty) cumulative hours up to less than 40 (forty) weeks or 1400 (one thousand four hundred) cumulative hours are given additional credit recognition in the amount of 1 (one) Credit for each additional 1 (one) week or 35 (thirty five) cumulative hours; and
  • learning between 40 (forty) weeks or 1400 (one thousand four hundred) hours cumulative up to 48 (forty eight) weeks or 1680 (one thousand six hundred and eighty) cumulative hours are given recognition equivalent to 40 (forty) credits.

Study Load in One Semester

The maximum study load taken by students in one semester is 24 credits. In the first and second semesters, students take courses in sequential packages of 21 and 22 credits. In the third to eighth semester, students can take courses up to 24 credits consisting of compulsory course packages offered and may also take elective courses with the approval from the Academic Advisor (DPA).

There are no prerequisite courses in each course. The amount of credits taken per semester do not depend on the achievement of the student’s achievement index in the previous semester. Students can take courses in other study programs at UGM and outside UGM. In addition, students can also take the other form of learning activities (BKP) according to the valid MBKM guidelines (can be downloaded on the website of the Faculty of Animal Science UGM)