Compulsatory Course

NoCodeSubjectSemester CreditStatusSemesterAmount
1UNU2111000Religious Education2/0CI 
2UNU2111006Pancasila Education2/0CI 
3PTU2111001Bahasa Indonesia2/0CI 
4PTU2111002General Biology2/1CI 
5PTU2111003Basic Chemistry2/1CI 
7PTUD2111012Introduction to Animal Science and Industry2/0CI 
8PTE2111101Introduction to Livestock Economics2/0CI 
9PTUP2111016Anatomy and Physiology2/1CI18/3
10PTU2112005Basic Physics2/1CII 
11UNU2112007Civic Education2/0CII 
13PTUE2112014Principle Management and Entrepreneurship2/0CII 
15PTUN2112015Basic Microbiology1/1CII 
16PTUD2112013Animal Behavior and Welfare2/0CII 
17PTN2112101Basic Biochemistry1/1CII 
18PTP2112201Animal Physiology1/1CII 
19PTE2112202Fundamentals of Business Communication and Innovation2/1CII17/5
20PTUP2113018Introduction to Statistics and Experimental Design3/0CIII 
21PTN2113102Animal Biochemistry1/1CIII 
22PTN2113303Basic Animal Nutrition2/0CIII 
23PTD2113001Introduction of Animal  Production Science3/0CIII 
24PTP2113102Basic of Molecular Genetics Analysis2/0CIII 
25PTP2113203Animal Reproduction Science1/1CIII 
26PTE2113003Agrobusiness and Institutions Management2/1CIII 
27PTH2113101Abattoir and Slaughter Techniques1/1CIII 
28PTUP2113019Research Methodology2/0CIII17/4
29PTN2114304Animal Feed and Nutrition1/1CIV 
30PTN2114405Feed Ingredients and Rations Formulations1/1CIV 
31PTN2114206Forage Science1/1CIV 
32PTD2114102Dairy Industry2/1CIV 
33PTD2114203Meat Animals Industry2/1CIV 
34PTD2114304Poultry Industry2/1CIV 
35PTH2114102Meat Science and Technology1/1CIV 
36PTH2114203Animal Husbandry Industry Waste Management1/1CIV 
37PTH2114304Milk Science and Technology1/1CIV12/9
38PTU2115007Contextual Religious Studies2/0CV 
39PTN2115407Feed Technology And Fabrication2/0CV 
40PTN2115208Pasture Management1/1CV 
41PTP2115104Livestock Breeding1/1CV 
42PTH2115205Science of Livestock Industry by-product1/1CV 
43PTH2115306Egg Science and Technology1/1CV8/4
44PTU 2116008Student Community Service0/3CVI0/3
46PTU2117010Practical Field Work0/2CVII0/3
47PTU2118011Undergraduate Thesis0/4CVIII 
Semester Credit Amount107

Elective Course

NoCodeCoursesSemester CreditStatusSemester Amount
1PTN2117109Introduction to Enzymology and Fermentation Technology2/1EOdd 
2PTN2117110Introduction to Livestock Nutrigenomics2/0EOdd 
3PTN2117411Practicum of Technology and Feed Industry0/1EOdd 
4PTN2117417Feed Evaluation Techniques2/0EOdd 
5PTN2117212Biodynamic Integrated Farming2/0EOdd 
6PTN2117213Introduction to Conservation of Feed Plant Genetic Resources2/0EOdd 
8PTN2117320Poultry and Non-Ruminant Ration2/1EOdd 
9PTD2117005Introduction to Animal Production System3/0EOdd 
10PTD2117106Dairy and Milk Industry2/1EOdd 
11PTD2117207Companion and Experimental Animals Industry2/1EOdd 
12PTD2117308Miscellaneous Poultry Industry2/1EOdd 
13PTP2117106Practic Basics of Molecular Genetic Analysis0/1EOdd 
14PTP2117207Reproduction Technology2/1EOdd 
15PTE2117004Instrumentation And Socio-Economic Data Analysis1/1EOdd 
16PTE2117205Rural Development2/0EOdd 
17PTE2117106Industrial Economics2/0EOdd 
18PTH2117107Poultry Meat Processing2/1EOdd 
19PTH2117208Livestock Industry Waste Management Technology2/0EOdd 
20PTH2117009Food Microbiology of Animal Product2/1EOdd 
21PTH2117011Food and Nutrition of Animal Products2/0EOdd 
22PTUN2117030Introduction to Biotechnology2/0EOdd 
23PTUN2117031Honey Bee Science / Apiculture1/1EOdd 
24PTUD2117021Basic of Livestock Programming and Instrumentation2/0EOdd 
25PTUE2117024Animal Husbandry Technology and Social Entrepreneurship2/0EOdd 
26PTU2117020Research Techniques2/0EOdd 
27PTE2116207Extension Development1/1EEven 
28PTN2116115Feed Toxicology2/0EEven 
29PTN2116416Quality Control and Feed Management Industry2/1EEven 
30PTN2116218Feed Crop Seed Production and Certification2/0EEven 
31PTN2116219Introduction of Plant Tissue Culture 1/1EEven 
32PTN2116321Ruminants Ration1/1EEven 
33PTD2116109Minor Dairy Animals2/1EEven 
34PTD2116210Draught and Sport Animals Enterprises2/1EEven 
35PTD2116311Poultry Breeding and Hatchery2/1EEven 
36PTP2116108Basic Livestock Judging and Evaluation3/0EEven 
37PTP2116209Infertility and Sterility2/0EEven 
38PTP2116210Livestock Environmental Science2/0EEven 
39PTP2116105Basic Techniques of Ruminant and Non-Ruminant Livestock Breeding Industry2/1EEven 
40PTE2116108Consumer Behavior2/0EEven 
41PTE2116109Livestock Project Analysis1/1EEven 
42PTE2116210Psychology of Work2/0EEven 
43PTH2116010Food Safety of Livestock Products2/0EEven 
44PTH2116212Animal Skin Science, Design and Technology2/1EEven 
45PTH2116213Livestock By-product Technology2/0EEven 
46PTH2116014Food Enzyme of Animal Product2/0EEven 
47PTH2116315Basic of Animal-based Food Processing2/0EEven 
48PTUD2116022Animal Health Science2/0EEven 
49PTUE2116025Farm Politics2/0EEven 
50PTUH2116029Halal Production System of Livestock Products2/0EEven 
51PTUE2116026Livestock Product Marketing2/0EEven 
52PTUE2116027Livestock Industry Management2/0EEven 
53PTUE2116028Animal Based Tourism2/0EEven 
54PTUD2116023Swallow and Silkworm Cultivation / Sericulture2/0EEven 
55PTUP2116032Experimental Design2/0EEven 
56PTU2110033External Seminar Recognition EOdd/ 
57PTU2110034Competition Winner Recognition EOdd/ 
58PTU2110035MBKM Rural Development Project EOdd/ 
59PTU2110036MBKM Research EOdd/ 
60PTU2110037MBKM Indenpent Study / Project EOdd/ 
61PTU2110038MBKM Teaching in Education Unit EOdd/ 
62PTU2110039MBKM Internship EOdd/ 
63PTU2110040MBKM Student Exchange EOdd/ 
64PTU2110041MBKM Entrepreneurial Activities EOdd/ 
65PTU2110042MBKM Humanity Project EOdd/ 
66PTU2110043MBKM State Defence EOdd/ 
67Courses taken in other study programs EOdd/ 

Information: Students are required to submit a minimum of 144 credits, a maximum of 148 credits including thesis (consisting of 107 credits of compulsory subjects and 37 credits - 41 credits of elective courses)

* Student achievement is given 1 credit with a maximum of two recognitions

** The conversion of MBKM activities will be regulated separately by the MBKM Group for the Study Program of Science and Industry Farm.

Meaning of Course Code: The course code starts with three capital letters indicating the names of the departments in the Faculty of Animal Husbandry:

UNU : Shows University

PT : Shows the Faculty of Animal Husbandry

PTU : Shows the courses managed by the Study Program

PTN : Shows the courses managed by the Department of Nutrition and Animal Feed

PTD : Shows the courses managed by the Department of Livestock Production

PTP : Shows courses managed by the Department of Animal Breeding and Reproduction

PTE : Shows courses managed by the Department of Animal Husbandry Socio-Economics

PTH : Shows the courses managed by the Department of Animal Products Technology

PTUN : Shows the courses of the Study Program which are coordinated by the Department of Nutrition and Cattle fodder

PTUD : Shows the course of the Study Program coordinated by the Department of Livestock Production

PTUP : Shows the courses of the Study Program which are coordinated by the Breeding Department and Livestock Reproduction

PTUE : Shows the course of the Study Program which is coordinated by the Department of Socio-Economic Affairs Farm

PTUH : Shows Study Program courses coordinated by the Outcome Technology Department Cattle

After the department code, it is followed by the course management code in the department and/or laboratory. The first two digits indicate the applicable curriculum year, the strata level of the study program, semester, code for the level of the courses administered by the Department/Laboratory, and the last two digits indicate the serial number of the courses:

Department of Nutrition and Animal Feed (PTN)

• PTN - 0 : Department of Nutrition and Animal Feed

• PTN - 1 : Livestock Biochemistry Laboratory

• PTN - 2 : Forage Laboratory for Animal Feed and Pasture

• PTN - 3: Animal Feed Science Laboratory

• PTN - 4 : Animal Feed Technology Laboratory

Department of Livestock Breeding and Reproduction (PTP)

• PTP - 0 : Department of Animal Breeding and Reproduction

• PTP - 1 : Laboratory of Genetics and Animal Breeding

• PTP - 2: Laboratory of Animal Physiology and Reproduction Department of Livestock Production (PTD)

• PTD - 0 : Department of Livestock Production

• PTD - 1: Laboratory of Dairy Animal Science and Dairy Industry

• PTD - 2 : Laboratory of Beef Cattle, Work and Love

• PTD - 3: Poultry Livestock Science Laboratory

Department of Animal Husbandry Socio-Economic (PTE)

• PTE - 0 : Department of Socio-Economic Animal Husbandry

• PTE - 1 : Animal Husbandry Agribusiness Laboratory

• PTE - 2: Communication and Community Development Laboratory

Department of Animal Products Technology (PTH)

• PTH - 0 : Department of Animal Products Technology

• PTH - 1 : Meat Science and Technology Laboratory

• PTH - 2 : Laboratory of Leather Technology, By-products and Livestock Waste

• PTH - 3: Milk and Egg Technology Laboratory