Academic Counselling and Study Plan of Student

Academic Counselling and Study Plan of Student

Before doing study activities, students must apply for a study plan in each initial semester. They fill the study plan form via an academic portal for applying for study plan in a specified period, after students have met all requirements. In applying for the study plan, students must consult with their academic advisors to get approval.

If students are late to fill the study plan form from a specified time, they will loss academic rights in the semester period.

Academic Advisor (DPA) has responsibilities to:

  1. Give quality academic counseling.
  2. Motivate their students to be quality and successful learners.
  3. Lead their students to make planning, intelligent in the process of learning in UGM, so that they are able to graduate complying with specified programs and competency.
  4. Help their students possess the competency to internalize glorious values of UGM (Universitas Gadjah Mada).
  5. Help their students develop intellectual character commendably.
  6. Motivate their students to become graduates who always adapt to sciences and technology progress.

Requirements to apply for a study plan/fill study plan form :

  1. Students fill out a study plan at Simaster UGM on-line.

  2. The student goes to the academic supervisor to conduct KRS guidance and the academic supervisor does the KRS approval on-line,

  3. If the KRS time limit is not approved by the on-line academic supervisor, it will not be printed on the lecture attendance list and will be automatically canceled.

  4. Students are given the opportunity to make changes and cancellations of KRS, no later than 2 (two) weeks after the lecture starts,

  5. Changes and cancellations of study plans (KRS) must be approved by the Academic Advisory Lecturer (DPA).