Academic Rule

1. Registration of Students

There are two systems of student registrations: registration of new student and re-registration of the old student. The university determines procedures and requirements for registrations of new and old students. Students who have registered have the rights to follow all academic activities complying with their study plans.

Students who do not re-register without applying for study leave get a notification (three consecutive times in the semester). If they do not respond to the notification, they mean to resign as students of the Faculty of Animal Science UGM.

2. Study Leave 

Each of students who are absent to follow academic activities must apply for study leave permission.

a. Study Leave

Students who are unable to attend the academic activity must propose a study leave request. Students can propose for a study leave if they have passed the first two years of the study time and the proposal is submitted in the semester prior to their study leave begins. Duration of the study leave up to four semesters can be given by the Dean of the Faculty of Animal Science UGM. If it is more than four semesters, the study leave must be proposed to the Rector of UGM. The leave proposal form must be acknowledged by the Head of Academic/Thesis Advisor The students who will be active again after having leave must propose for activation to the Dean of the Faculty of Animal Science UGM The leave proposal form and activation proposal must be submitted through Simaster (simaster.ugm. according to the schedule of the registration.

b. Sanction for Student Violation

Students who deliberately violate the academic regulation such as creating a fake signature of the lecturer, or fake signature in one of course attendance, will be given academic punishment: cannot attend the lecture session in 1 (one) semester and other ethical violations will be given sanction based on applicable rules.

3. The Study Plan Form

Upon entering the new semester, each student must determine his study program for the semester that will run. The course to be taken must be registered in the Academic and Student Affairs Section of the Faculty by filling out the Study Plan List into the Academic Information System in each faculty/department. The Study Plan must also obtain approval from the appointed Academic Advisor. The GP burden to be taken must be based on the acquisition of IP in the previous semester with the following rules:

GP Semester

Study Load

0.00 – 1,49

12 credits

1,50 – 1,99

15 credits

2,00 – 2,49

18 credits

2,50 – 2,99

21 credits

3,00 – 4,00

14 credits

If in the previous semester students take academic leave, the amount of credits that can be taken is a minimum load (12 credits). For new students, the amount of study load per semester is determined by the curriculum and policy structure of each faculty.

4. Lectures
Students whose presence in the classroom less than 75% of the specified schedule is not allowed to take the test subjects are concerned.

5. Evaluation of Study Results

The study result evaluation is done 5 (five) times i.e. The final semester evaluation, the first 2-year study evaluation, the eight semester evaluation, the study time limit evaluation, and the final program evaluation by considering the GPA, total credits and study length. The determination of student GPA is as follows:

  1. To evaluate the student study result we use Grade Point Average (GPA).
  2. GPA = [(total credit of lecture X score value)] /total credit of course activities which have been taken
  3. Regarding the GPA calculation, the letter value changes to numeric value i.e. A = 4,0; A- = 3,75; A/B = 3,5; B+ = 3,25; B = 3,0; B- = 2,75; B/C = 2,5; C+ = 2,25; C = 2,0; C- = 1,75; C/D = 1,5; D+ = 1,25; D = 1; E = 0.
  4. Each course will only have 1 score result of formal value integration or continuous assessment that has been adjusted to its material weight.

a. Evaluation of First Two-Year Study Results

At the end of the first two years, after the students are registered for the first time, the study result is evaluated to determine if the student is able to continue the study in the Faculty of Animal Science UGM or not. Student is allowed to continue the study if they meet the requirements:

  • Collect minimum 30 credits
  • Accumulative GP min 2.00
  • No E score within the 30 credits that have been evaluated
  • By within these 2 years, if the students are able to collect more than 30 credits, the evaluation will be taken from the best score from its 30 credits

b. Evaluation of Eight Semesters

The evaluation of eight semesters is done for the students who have not graduated until the end of eight semesters. The eight-semester evaluation is based on minimal achievement of 80 credit with GPA min 2.00. The evaluation of eight semesters is applied for giving the warning to the students who have not completed the minimum requirement of total credits and GPA.

c. Evaluation of Study Time Limit

The evaluation of study limits is done for those who have not graduated until the end of 10th semester. The students who have not graduated but they already have done research for thesis writing, will have an opportunity to extend their study in one semester or shorter based on its condition by submitting the request to the Dean acknowledged by the Thesis Advisor and the Head of Department.

d. The Final Program Evaluation.

The evaluation of this study result is used as foundation to determine whether the student has completed the requirement for passing the Study program of Bachelor in Animal Science and
Industry degree i.e.

  • All required courses have been completed
  • Complete minimum 144 credits and maximum 148 credits including the undergraduate thesis (consist of 107 compulsory credit courses and 37-41 elective credit courses). If it is more than 148 credit courses, the last elective course taken will not be included in the transcript.
  • The D score in the total credits is less than 25%
  • No E Score
  • minimum GPA is 2.00
  • Maximum active study length is 5 (five) years (10 semester), unless the students get the study extension, i.e., as stated in the evaluation provision of Length of Study Limit determination
  • To authorize the students who have passed the bachelor degree education and fulfilled all the requirements which have been determined in a judicium meeting.
  • The exceeded credits which pass the maximum line of total credit courses will not be included in transcript but a letter of statement will be made to explain that the student has taken the course and it will be used as the alteration of transcript. The courses taken are basically the last elective courses (not a remedial course)
  • Principally, the E score cannot be cancelled in transcript, unless the E score obtained is from the last elective course taken, after the cumulative of total credits reach more than 144 credits.

6. The Graduation Predicate

Students stated to graduate receive graduation predicate with the following requirements:

 a). Honors Predicate (Cumlaude):
       • GPA 3.51 – 4.00
       • Maximum study period max 5 years
b) Very Satisfactory:
      • GPA 3.01 – 3.50
c) Satisfactory:
      • GPA 2,76 – 3,00