Undergraduate Thesis


At the end of semester 4, students choose a topic and thesis supervisor in the department they are interested in by filling out an Interest Form. The Study Program then sends a list of specializations to the Heads of Departments. The Head of the Department then held a Departmental Meeting which was attended by the Heads of the Laboratory and to distribute and determine Thesis Advisory Lecturers. After getting the results, the Head of the Department sends a letter to the Head of the Study Program containing the results of the Department Meeting accompanied by an attachment to the list of students of interest and their thesis supervisor. The Study Program then carries out the next process for determining Thesis Supervisor for students who have met the requirements. Subsequently, a Thesis Guidance Decree will be issued, which means that student guidance has shifted from Academic Supervisor to Thesis Supervisor. The thesis proposal must have been approved by the Head of the Study Program at the end of semester 5.

Thesis Compilation

Writing a thesis for students of the Faculty of Animal Science UGM is one of the prerequisites for obtaining a bachelor's degree. Thesis is written from the results of a study. Before conducting research for a thesis, students must meet the specified requirements and have a valid thesis supervisor. Students who conduct research without going through the procedure are declared invalid.

Requirements to be able to conduct research:

  1. Have completed semester 4 (semester 5 can start research)
  2. Has written a proposal
  3. Minimum cumulative achievement index 2.00
  4. The number of credits with a D score is less than 25% of the total credits
  5. There is no E grade (from the 80 credits requirement).

Undergraduate Thesis Advisor

Thesis Advisor is in charge of guiding students in relation to the student's final project, starting from the preparation of the proposal, the research process, to the preparation of the thesis from the results of his research. Thesis supervisor comes from the department / laboratory of student interest. Thesis Supervisor does not have to be Academic Supervisor.


Seminar is a course that supports the completion of the final project and prepares students to convey their thoughts in the form of proposals or research results as an effort to broaden students' horizons. Papers that will be in seminars must have been consulted and approved by the Thesis Advisory Lecturer. The seminar takes place in one whole semester, there is no delay to the next semester. These seminar courses are held in parallel based on departmental interests.

Comprehensive examination

The Comprehensive Exam is a mandatory requirement for taking the judiciary. The requirement to be able to take the Comprehensive Examination is to have taken the mandatory SKS of 103 credits without an E score. Students who will take the Comprehensive Examination register for the Academic and Student Affairs Section, and if they meet the requirements, can take the Comprehensive Examination according to the schedule set by the Academic and Student Affairs Section.

Thesis examination

Thesis testing is carried out by the Examiner Board consisting of 3 lecturers appointed by the Deputy Dean for Academic and Student Affairs in coordination with the Head of the Study Program, taking into account the scope of the thesis. The Supervisor or Companion Counselor acts as the Chair of the Examiner Board. The results of the thesis exam are immediately notified by the Examiner Board after the exam is finished.

Requirements for registration of thesis exams:

  1. No E value,
  2. D value 25%,
  3. Minimum GPA 2.5,
  4. Submit script,
  5. Submit a Thesis Guidance form,
  6. Submit a Thesis Consultation form,
  7. Submit a Thesis Examination Application form,
  8. Submit proof of submission of the PKL Report,
  9. Evidence of having participated in PPSMB (for students starting from the class of 2013).
  10. Registration for the thesis examination is a maximum of 1 year after the research activity is completed. If students are late in registering for the thesis exam, students are required to re-do research.

After being declared to have passed the exam but still requires revision, then they are given the opportunity to revise a maximum of 2 (two) months. If the time limit is exceeded, the test score will be canceled and the student must retake the exam.

For students who have taken the thesis exam and will still improve their grades, tolerance is given not to participate in the graduation for a maximum of 6 (six) months, provided that the study period is still valid.