Field Work Practice

To improve the student skills in farming, the Faculty of Animal Science UGM obliges students to do Field Work Practice with a weight of 2 credits. Field Work Practice is done in an institution (either company or agency) that is related to the husbandry industry. The students who will take this course must fulfill the basic course and half of elective courses which can be the provision to implement the field work practice in the workplace. Field work practice is organized between semester or active semester. The students who do the field work practice in the active semester are permitted maximum 3 times to leave the class session. Field work practice is done under a guidance of lecturer supervisor from the faculty or field supervisor from the agency/company in which the field work practice takes place. The duty of the lecturer advisor is to implement the guidance to determine the location, implementation and also the report of field work practice. The field supervisor duty is to implement the guidance in implementing the activities in the workplaces. The place/location of work field which is often used is able to be seen/downloaded in

The requirements for applying field work practice are as follows:

  1. Listed as students in the current academic year
  2. Has accomplished semester 4 with a GPA minimum 2.00. D score is not allowed to pass 10% and without E score (from total 80 credits)
  3. Enroll the field work practice (in its credit) on registration period (before the implementation of work field practice begins)
  4. Fill in the form of field practice work registration before doing the session

The series of field work practice activities cover the registration, title determination, location determination, the advisor appointment, proposal preparation, the briefing, the implementation, presentation examination, and the field work practice report supervision.

The proposal writing arrangement is guided by the lecturer who supervises the field work as appointed by the Head of the Laboratory. Students who have finished the field work practice must submit four copies of printed powerpoint (PPT) files of their field work examination materials. The structure of the PPT contains background, objectives, benefits, general information of the company, field work practice activities, discussion, closure and signed by the lecturer who supervises this field work activities. Students also have to submit the activity forms and the field work practice assessment signed by the institution and legalized by the institution stamp to the Academic and Student section by the latest 10 calendar days after the field practice work activity ends. The field work practice activity report is made as the administrative complement of student scientific responsibility after conducting the field work practice that has been supervised and assessed fully by the appointed lecturer.

Students must submit the field work practice report to the Student and Academic Section by the latest one week after the examination to be validated by the Head of Study Program by the
latest 3 weeks after the examination. If the students cannot fulfill the requirement by submitting the report in date mentioned, they will be given a penalty i.e., the decrement of 2 level grade (for example: A score becomes A/B) and if the students do not submit the report within three months, they will get C score or must do remedial field work practice activity in another institution.

The complete procedure of the field work practice can be read in the revised edition of the field work guidance book 2019.