Undergraduate Thesis

Course Specialization

At the end of the 4th semester, the students choose the topics and undergraduate thesis advisor from the department that they are interested in by filling the specialization form. Later, the Study Program will send the lists to the Head of Departments. Next, the head of the Department organizes the department meetings that are attended by the Heads of Laboratories to distribute and determine the thesis advisors. After getting the result, the Head of the Department sends a letter to the Head of the Study Program to inform the result of the Department meeting appended with the attachment of a specialization list of students along with their determined thesis advisor. Then, The Study Program proceeds the next step,which is the determination of thesis advisor for the student who has fulfilled the requirements. After it is done, the Decree of Thesis Advisor that indicates the student advisor alteration from previously the academic advisor changes to thesis advisor. The thesis proposal must be legalized by the Head of Study Program at the end of the 5th Semester.

Undergraduate Thesis Preparation

The undergraduate thesis preparation for the student of the Faculty of Animal Science UGM is one of the prerequisites to get the bachelor degree. Thesis must be written based on research.
Before executing the research for a thesis, the student has to fulfil the prerequisite and have a legal thesis advisor. Students who have run research without implementing the procedure, will be announced as unauthorized.

Terms and Conditions for students to be able to do the research:

  1. Has completed semester 4 (semester 5 is able to begin the research)
  2. Has written the undergraduate thesis research proposal
  3. Obtain a minimum GPA of 2.00
  4. The number of D score in total credits is less than 25%
  5. No E score (from total 80 credits)

Undergraduate Thesis Advisor

The undergraduate thesis advisor has the duty to guide the students with the final assignment, starting from the proposal, research process, undergraduate thesis writing, and its research result. The thesis advisor comes from the department/laboratory of the course specialization. The thesis advisor does not have to be an academic advisor.


A seminar is a course that supports the finalization of the final thesis and to prepare the students to share the idea in terms of proposal or research result as the attempt to develop the student's knowledge. The proposal that will be presented in the seminar must be based on consultation results and approved by the thesis advisor. This seminar takes place in a whole semester, no postponement to next semester. This seminar course is organized parallel according to the department specializations.

Comprehensive examination

The comprehensive examination is mandatory to enroll in Judicium. The requirements to take the comprehensive examination is to pass compulsory credit with a total 103 without score E. The students who will take the comprehensive examination must register to the Student and Academic section. If they fulfill the requirements, they can take the comprehensive examination based on a schedule which has been arranged by the Student and Academic Section.

The undergraduate thesis defense

The undergraduate Thesis defense is arranged by the examiner board consisting of 3 (three) lecturers who are appointed by the Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs collaborated with the Head of Study Program by considering the thesis scope. The advisor and co-advisor acted as the chairman of the board examiners. The result of the undergraduate thesis defense will be directly announced by the examiner board after the defense finishes.

The requirements for taking thesis defense:

  1. No E score,
  2. D Score ≤ 25%
  3. Min GPA 2.00
  4. Submit the Undergraduate Thesis
  5. Submit the thesis advisory form
  6. Submit the thesis consultation form
  7. Submit the thesis defense request form
  8. Submit the proof of submission of the field work practice report
  9. Proof of PPSMB completion (for students who start from 2013 academic year)

The registration of thesis defense max 1 year after the research activity is done. If the student is late to register the undergraduate thesis defense, the student must do the remedial research.
After being announced as having passed the examination, students still need to make a revision. Revision is given maximum for 2 (two) months. If within two months revision is not submitted, the score will be cancelled and the student must do the remedial examination. For those who have taken the thesis defense and still need to improve the score, they will be getting a tolerance for not attending a judicium for max 6 (six) months, with the condition that the study period is still active.